My Presentation slides from cf.Objective, NCDevCon, and CFUnited

I keep forgetting to do this. Sorry :(

I have given three presentations so far this year, and I will have 2 or three more et before the end of the year. Here are the slides for the first three in both Keynote and PDF formats.


My review of NCDevCon 2010

This last weekend I attended, and spoke at, NCDevCon 2010 in Raleigh, NC. As expected, NCDevCon was a great conference put on by an amazing crew of dedicated volunteers.


The content of this conference was very different than last year's CFinNC. Personally, I think the content this year appealed to a much wider audience. Last year's conference was clearly more focused on ColdFusion, CFML and Flex. This year, the focus seems to be more on Web Development, RIA's, and more general topics, yet with hands-on sessions that promoted the education of non-CF and Flex people on those technologies. I thought it was a great plan.


Building an AIR Application with HTML and jQuery - Connect Recording

Last night I got together, online, with Todd Raffery, Ben Nadel and Andy Matthews to talk about Adobe AIR and jQuery.

Last week, while twittering, we came up with the idea of having a "virtual classroom" setting, using Adobe Connect to get together and work through building an AIR application from scratch. So we did just that. This was a private session, so don't feel like you missed an announcement. I wanted to keep it small and informal so that we could feel OK about speaking freely, having fun and learning through questions and discussion.


Unselecting Radio Buttons with jQuery

I got a weird request from one of my internal customers today. In one of our applications he wanted to be able to "uncheck" radio buttons.

We all know that if you have a group of radio buttons, like this, that once you select one option, you cannot unselect an option, you can only change from one option to another.


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