Creating our Domain Objects - ColdBox Series Part 6

Now that we have our database tables set up from our UML and our folder structure has been created we can begin creating our domain objects (Technically we could have done it first, it could probably be argued both ways).

Code Generator

I am going to use Brian Rinaldi's Illudium PU-36 Code Generator to help create our domain objects. Since Illudium uses the database tables to create the objects, we needed to have the database set up first. To see the MySQL DDL script check out part 2 of this series.


Setting up a ColdBox Application - ColdBox Series Part 2

I guess I am making this a series. Well, let's get started.

I am not going to start with the typical "What is a MVC Framework" or "ColdBox is..." kind of posts. For two reasons:

  1. No one wants that, we want to jump right into structure and code, right?
  2. You can already read those things:

In this series we are building a To-Do List application using ColdBox and ColdSpring.


Building an Application with ColdBox and ColdSpring - Part 1

I have begun putting together an application to build using ColdBox and ColdSpring. I am doing this to demonstrate how I have been doing this to solicit feedback from the experts to see if I am making any huge or stupid mistakes and to show some new comers to OO how to build an Application using OO principles and tools. I am hoping that my learning experience and blogging can help others learn these concepts too.

As I said before, I do not consider myself an expert in Object-Orient programming or in ColdBox/ColdSpring, but I feel I know enough to demonstrate these things at a basic level. I am counting on the true experts to keep me honest.


Free Video, Audio, and Documents on Learning Object-Oriented Concepts and UML from GentleWare

The makers of Poseidon for UML have created a series of PDFs, Video Files, and Audio files on "Object-Orient Modeling Techniques and UML".


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