Installing ColdFusion 9 on OSX Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion 64-bit


I upgraded some of my Macs to Lion and Mt. Lion over the last week and had problems when trying to Install ColdFusion 9.0.2. When trying to connect CF to Apache (during the install) no errors were reported, but the connection did not work.

The Problem

At first the problem was that when trying to browse to /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm the browser would prompt me to download index.cfm instead of rendering it. This got me looking at /etc/apache2/httpd.conf. There I saw that the JRun settings had not been added. They look something like this:


Whose responsibility is data security?

This is an important question and one that you need to ask yourself.

Last week this article was released about a faculty researcher at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The article describes how the University recently found out that a machine that stored 180,000 social security numbers (used for research) was compromised back in 2007. The University is now hanging out the researcher to dry and not claiming any fault of their own. There is no report yet on what is happening with the programmer/system admin that she hired to maintain the system.


Stopping web crawling bots from causing errors in BlogCFC

So I have been using BlogCFC for 970 days, and I love it. But one problem I have had since the beginning is when my site gets hammered with web crawler, I get a ton of errors. They usually hit between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM and crawl my blog looking for new content. I appreciate what they do, but sometimes they can be VERY aggressive and start to cause timeout errors.

The result is that I wake up to dozens, or hundreds, of error emails and, very rarely, a crashed ColdFusion application server. Since I am on an Awesome VPS, I rarely have problems with the crashing, even less so since I upgraded the JVM from the CF8 default. But I would rather not have my server brought to its knees every morning by bots. Especially since I know that my worshippers from across the pond are just arriving at work and desire nothing more than to see if I have anything new to say.

So, finally, after 3 years, I decided to look into this problem. I've noticed that more often than not, the timeout errors are occurring when the web crawler tries to hit the "print" link on every post. So I said to myself, "Self, do web crawlers need to index my 'print' page?"


Giving more memory to the Tomcat Service in Windows

I've been setting up our super-awesome new server this week and last night I ran into an issue that I thought I should blog about.

This is a Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit machine with 8GB RAM and I am installing ColdFusion 9 running on Tomcat 6. And, as with everything Tomcat related, it was a pain in the ass and the documentation sucked.

To add Tomcat as a Windows service is pretty easy.

You just run:

<%CATALINA_HOME%>/bin/service.bat install

For those that don't understand the notation above, CATALINA_HOME is the directory where Tomcat is. So in my case, we are going to N:\tomcat\bin and running service.bat.

This sets up Tomcat as a service, but by default it only gives it some tiny bit of memory to work with (256m or something, like it's 2002 again). So, of course, the moment I deployed a second instance of ColdFusion 9 on this container, I started getting "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" errors.


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