Wha sup, yo?

Wow. Things have been busy and I have been neglecting my blog. I feel bad about that. My blog is so important to me, and things have been keeping me away.

I am a teacher at heart. I love to teach. That is why I blog, that is why I present at conferences, and that is why I am going to grad school. So the fact that I have been unable to blog for a while upsets me greatly. But I want to tell you a little bit about why. This is not about making excuses. This is about what is keeping me busy and what I am learning about. It will also motivate me to blog about these things, and that's the important part.


New Job and more

Some of you may have noticed I have been quiet on my blog this summer, but I assure you, it is only temporary. I have been busy with grad school, family, instituting a lifestyle change to allow me to get healthy, and finding a new job.


I will be starting school soon

As some of you know, I have decided to return to school to pursue a graduate degree. I am excited about beginning this new adventure in life and I wanted to tell you a little about it, and about how it came to be.

I am not sure if all of my readers are aware of this, but I am a veteran of the United State Coast Guard. The United States Coast Guard is a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces that works under the Department of Homeland Security. I served for four years in Houston, TX and was honorably discharged in June of 2006 after fulfilling my commitment. During my four years, I earned two Coast Guard Achievement Medals for my service (both computer/programming related), qualified on the 9mm pistol (sharpshooter) and the M-16 rifle, received an amazing letter of recommendation from my commanding officer, and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management while attending school online.

So that long-winded horn-tooting was really about pointing out that I finished my B.S. while serving.


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