Project HUGE - Week 1 of Full Body Workouts

Last week (July 5th through the 11th) was my first full week of full-body workouts. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Full-body workouts really feel good, and they feel POWERFUL. Really powerful. I thought I would post the results of my first full week of these workouts, both for my own inspiration, but also, to get critiques and opinions from anyone else.

I said before, that I like to keep track of the total weight lifted. To me, this can be a great measure of how much actual work is being done. There are some exceptions to that. The leg press machine allows you to push the weight your are working at a 45 degree angle. This greatly reduces the effective weight you are working against. So while I may be able to do a 700 lbs leg press, in my opinion, that is actually less work than a 200lbs squat.

So you may ask, why do the leg press at all then?


Project HUGE - My HUGE goals

One thing I did not really discuss in my initial post on starting Project HUGE was why I am doing it.

I have several reasons for wanting to get into shape and get stronger, but if I had to pick one reason above all others, I would say that I am doing it for my children. I want to be strong and healthy for them so that I can protect them, teach them to be strong and healthy, and so that I can live to meet my grandchildren and great-grand children. I know that this is possible, because I am 36 years old and all four of my grandparents are still alive. It would seem that I come from hearty stock. My daughter is 6 years old and knows all of her great-grandparents (on my side) very well. How lucky is that?!


My own Project HUGE

A few years ago Ben started his Project HUGE to improve his overall wellness. He has also been blogging about his progress during that time. I think this is a great idea and something that could help me stay motivated. I asked Ben if I could use Project HUGE as my inspiration and start blogging using the same title. He was all for it. I think Project HUGE is a great way of promoting strength and fitness to a more technical crowd who may, like me, lead more sedentary lifestyles.

I have always enjoyed weightlifting, but, I regret to say, it is not something I have always made time for. I lifted avidly while in High School, where I almost made it into the 300 Club (Bench Press 300 lbs) and while I was in the Coast Guard. But after leaving the Coast Guard I allowed myself to get too busy with other things, like children and CFML.


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