Understanding the coldbox.xml config file - ColdBox Series Part 4

In my previous posts we began building a To-Do list application with ColdBox. If you have not already reviewed the first three parts of these posts, you may want to consider doing so. They are linked at the bottom of the page in the "related posts" section.

In this post we are going to discuss the coldbox.xml file (sometimes named coldbox.xml.cfm for security reasons)


A Look at Event Handlers - ColdBox Series Part 3

In my last post, we set up a base ColdBox application using the Application Template. So now we have a basic application that welcomes us to ColdBox. Not very useful.

So let's look at our Event Handlers and see if we can get them to do something more interesting.

What is an Event?

Since ColdBox is an Event-Driven framework, and since we are going to be "handling" events with our event handlers (clever name), we probably need to understand what an event is.


Setting up a ColdBox Application - ColdBox Series Part 2

I guess I am making this a series. Well, let's get started.

I am not going to start with the typical "What is a MVC Framework" or "ColdBox is..." kind of posts. For two reasons:

  1. No one wants that, we want to jump right into structure and code, right?
  2. You can already read those things:

In this series we are building a To-Do List application using ColdBox and ColdSpring.


Building an Application with ColdBox and ColdSpring - Part 1

I have begun putting together an application to build using ColdBox and ColdSpring. I am doing this to demonstrate how I have been doing this to solicit feedback from the experts to see if I am making any huge or stupid mistakes and to show some new comers to OO how to build an Application using OO principles and tools. I am hoping that my learning experience and blogging can help others learn these concepts too.

As I said before, I do not consider myself an expert in Object-Orient programming or in ColdBox/ColdSpring, but I feel I know enough to demonstrate these things at a basic level. I am counting on the true experts to keep me honest.


Blogging My Experiences with ColdBox

So a week, or so, ago I suggested I might start blogging about ColdBox and my experiences with it. I got a pretty good response, so I am going to go with it.

I am not sure yet what this is going to turn into. Whether it will be a few blog posts, or a series, or just what, is unknown. For now I am thinking of just creating a new, simple application and walking through the steps that I would take build it. Not too dissimilar from what Ben Nadel is doing with his OOPhoto project. But mine will be focused on using ColdBox to build the application.


Form Handling and Validation with ColdBox, ColdSpring, and Transfer (Part 3)

This post is a continuation of another post where I am discussing form handling and validation.

Please see part 2 before you read this post.

Now, and this is where things get interesting, I call the validate() method from the TransferObject "itemBean". What you say? validate() method? There is not validate() method in a TransferObject.

I used a Transfer decorator to add a validate() method to my itemBean. I also added a populate() method. Here, have a look:


Form Handling and Validation with ColdBox, ColdSpring, and Transfer (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of another post where I am discussing form handling and validation.

Please see part 1 before you read this post.

So, after my user enters data into the form, they will hit the add/update button and the form will get posted to the next event handler, called items.editPost().


Form Handling and Validation with ColdBox, ColdSpring, and Transfer (Part 1)

The last time I blogged about this I got some great feedback, so I have gone back to it again and I am trying something new that combines some of the advice I have received from that post, and some advice from Brian Kotek.


Free Video, Audio, and Documents on Learning Object-Oriented Concepts and UML from GentleWare

The makers of Poseidon for UML have created a series of PDFs, Video Files, and Audio files on "Object-Orient Modeling Techniques and UML".


MVC Form Handling with ColdBox, ColdSpring, and Transfer. Does this seem right?

So I have been working on my first ColdBox application the last couple of week, and one of the things I have been struggling with is Form Handling and Validation. I have not been struggling because these concepts are difficult, but with not knowing how they should be implemented in ColdBox or any other MVC framework.

The heart of my question is, when I want to display a form with values pre-populated (like when a user clicks on an 'edit' button for page in a CMS), do I pass the whole bean to the view for insertion into the input tags using getter and setter methods, or do I use the getter and setter methods in the controller to insert the values into the event/request context object and then using the events getValue and setValue() method in the view?


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