Installing ColdFusion 9 on OSX Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion 64-bit


I upgraded some of my Macs to Lion and Mt. Lion over the last week and had problems when trying to Install ColdFusion 9.0.2. When trying to connect CF to Apache (during the install) no errors were reported, but the connection did not work.

The Problem

At first the problem was that when trying to browse to /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm the browser would prompt me to download index.cfm instead of rendering it. This got me looking at /etc/apache2/httpd.conf. There I saw that the JRun settings had not been added. They look something like this:


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Mike's Gravatar Thanks! I got to the point of finding the missing macosx64 folder and figured I'd better google.

I discovered this all slightly differently than you, but likely no more efficiently. The file wsconfig.log at cf_root/runtime/lib/wsconfig had this entry: connectors/apache/intel-macosx64/prebuilt/

Took me a while to find where was hiding, well at least the 32 bit version that is..

# jar tf runtime/lib/wsconfig.jar | grep

That's when I knew I had to find a precompiled 64-bit

From here though I plan to do the rest of the install manually. There is some documentation on this available, such as here:

That is obviously old, but I do have a working version of 9.0.1 on Snow Leopard I hope cross referencing will be all that I need to finish this off. At this point I've had enough with the CF installer to not want to go back.
# Posted By Mike | 10/4/12 3:59 PM
Andy Welsh's Gravatar Hi! Just wanted to give you a big thank you- I've been struggling with getting this all working for weeks... Really appreciate you blogging this!

# Posted By Andy Welsh | 10/4/12 6:46 PM
Ryan Guill's Gravatar I just had this issue installing 9.0.2 on osx 10.6. Had 9.0.0 installed and working fine for a long time, uninstalled it and after installing 9.0.2 ran into this. These instructions helped a ton, thank you very much! The only thing I did different is I didnt run the wsconfig again (actually I did a couple of times and couldnt get it to work), so I just copied the jrun section from a backup of my httpd.conf file into my new one and made sure the .so file was in the right place. Restarted apache and everything works great. Thanks again!
# Posted By Ryan Guill | 10/23/12 9:10 PM
Jusuf Darmawan's Gravatar Thank you so much. Help me to solve my problem.
# Posted By Jusuf Darmawan | 10/25/12 4:54 PM
Marcel Dix's Gravatar Thank you very much! It's good to know that people like you take the time to put this in a blog. Although I wonder why Adobe still did not solve this apparent bug in the installer.
# Posted By Marcel Dix | 6/8/13 6:30 PM
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