This is what I like to see (TJX Maxx Hacker sentenced to 30 years in a Turkish prison)

There is very little that I like more than to see scum like this get a heavy-handed sentence.


Kevin Mitnik's Gravatar Yeah lock up the Hacker for 30 years but let the Child molesters, Rapists, Murders and Drug dealers roam the streets.
# Posted By Kevin Mitnik | 1/8/09 2:12 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Yeah, cause that's exactly what I said. Well-formed argument. If I thought you were the real Kevin Mitnik, I might give your comment more of my time. But your argument is fallacious and silly.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 1/8/09 2:17 PM
ike's Gravatar Can we say "non sequitur"?
# Posted By ike | 1/8/09 3:31 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar @ike, that or an "unstated major premise", being that the only way to lock up evil hackers is to let other evil people go free. Just plain silly.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 1/8/09 4:44 PM
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