Adding more resource navigator filters to ColdFusion Builder (Eclipse)

One thing that has always bugged the crap out of me is our inability to add additional resource filters to the navigator view in Eclipse. Specifically, I mean these:

Resource filters are very useful little tools that will hide anything that matches the filter from the navigator view. Which is great for things like .svn folders or any other crap you don't feel like you need distracting you at the moment. Like if you want to hide all the images in a project so that it is not as cluttered. But for some reason, we have never been able to add our own filters. So I can't, for example, hide the stupid Settings.xml file that CFB likes to add to my projects or the .settings folder. Grrrrr!!


Enabling Access to the Adobe AIR Tools in ColdFusion Builder

I was talking to Charlie Arehart today after his "Hidden Gems in ColdFusion Builder" presentation at CFUnited 2010 and I mention that, for some reason, ColdFusion Builder has the Adobe AIR packaging features of the application hidden by default. So I thought I would write a post on how to enable them for those that would like to use CFBuilder for developing AIR applications.


AIR Aliases are awesome, and an Aptana Gotcha, that got me

Adobe AIR is really a lot of fun to work with. I am having a great time learning about it and about more advanced JavaScript development with jQuery.

AIR has this really cool AIR Aliases library that you can include in your HTML to help keep your code less verbose. For example, to create an air window might look something like this:

var myWin = new window.runtime.flash.display.NativeWindow();

But with an AIR Alias, it can be shortened to:


Commenting your code is a Best Practice, but if my comments are in the way, turn them off

So it seems like a lot of people have been weighing in on the discussion of code commenting. Well I thought I would throw in my two cents.


cf.Objective() Day 1

Well day 1 is over and it was great!

I spent the entire day at the conference and I was able to hear some great presentations and mingle with some really knowledgeable and friendly people.

As I said yesterday, Kurt Wiersma's Local Dev Presentation was great. It showed me a few things about setting up multiple CF environments about which I was not previously aware.

I then went to John Paul Ashenfelter's Agile boot camp and it was incredible. I'm not sure I have ever crammed in that much learning in so little time. I am already sold on Agile Development, and I am definitely going to try to put some of the practices into my personal projects.

I finished the day with Mark Drew's Dreamweaver CFEclipse Reloaded presentation (those brits are a funny bunch). He showed a great many tips and tricks and advanced features of CFeclipse. If you are using CFEclipse, you should attend this session.

I am still trying to sort out my schedule for today. We'll see how that goes.

A productive couple of days, had I

Well, I have had a couple of very productive days at home. There has been A LOT that I have been wanting to do. Well finally, I just sat down and did a lot of it.  In the last two days I have accomplished setting up my ultimate development environment.

Since Noon yesterday I have:

  • Installed Apache 2.2 (A lot easier than I thought it would be)
  • Configured Apache to work with ColdFusion 8 Dev and PHP5
  • Set up a multi-site Drupal installation so that all of my Drupal sites run off of the same code base
  • Installed and configured SVN Server
  • Configured Apache to work with SVN
  • Set up and loaded repositories for all of my projects
  • Configured Eclipse with Subclipse to access my repositories
  • Set up Virtual Host s in Apache so that each of my development sites can have a local domain

I have to say, most of these things were MUCH easier than I though they would be. All save for Subversion working with Apcahe. That was not easy, and I am still not sure I have it right. It seems to be working. But I did have a few issues with importing my files into the repos and with Subclipse freezing up. I'm not sure, but I think I may also have had an issue with a corrupt repo. Now all seems to be well.

Now I have the really hard part. I have to be consistent with my development processes and make sure that I am properly using all of my tools.  I have also recently installed and configured Apache Ant with Eclipse. I have started watching Jim Priest's presentation on UGTV but I have, so far, only created very simle scripts. I still have a lot to learn about Ant, but it looks like it will help me to maintain good practices.

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