The importance of Mura (and Plugins)

What I've been thinking about

I've been thinking a lot lately about Blue River Interactive's Mura Content Managent System (hence forth referred to as Mura CMS or just Mura), probably because I have been working a lot with it lately. I am in the process of converting a large, mostly static, web site to Mura, and I have been amazed by its power, versatility and ease-of-use. I have been especially pleased with how easy it is for me to make plugins for it.

While thinking about Mura, I have realized something important. Mura CMS is an incredible products with the potential to change the way that ColdFusion and CFML are viewed. And this needs to be recognized. It also has the potential to become a very popular, open source product used outside of the ColdFusion/CFML community.


Launched a new Site. Not ColdFusion, but still cool

So about a year ago the Minnesota Valley Humane Society put out a call for people to help them with their website. I was one of those that answered.

We had several planning meetings, did some research, looked at hosting options, etc, etc and decided to go with a Drupal Site. At the time I had used Drupal on a few other sites and I felt that building a custom CF site would take too long.


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