cf.Objective() preview presentations tomorrow night at Twin Cities CFUG

Tomorrow night at the Twin Cities CFUG meeting, Kurt Wiersma and I will each be presenting one of our cf.Objective() presentations. I think we each have three presentations to give at cf.O(). This is your opportunity to see two of the six early (or at all if you are not going to the conference for some bizarre reason). :)


We have a winner!! cf.Objective() Pre-Conference Secure CMFL training

We had a great response to our contest to give away a seat at our "Building Secure CFML Applications" training at cf.Objective() next month. A total of 42 entries.

And the winner is


cf.Objective Preconference Training Opportunities

I hope everyone is aware of the cf.Objective() conference that takes place in Minneapolis/St. Paul every year. In case you are not, you should know that it is an absolutely AMAZING event.

cf.Objective() is touted as "The World's Only Enterprise Engineering Conference for ColdFusion Developers". I have been to two cf.Objective() conferences so far, and this year will be my third. I am very excited about it.

Two years ago, there was a two-day pre-conference training session held on the Mach-II framework. It was a very successful training (I believe they sold out every seat), but beyond that, it was a fantastic training. I attended it, and I loved it. I learned a lot. Last year they had ColdBox training prior to the conference. I did not attend that one, but I hear it was also great.

This year, the organizers of cf.Objective() are trying the pre-conference training again, but with more training sessions. This year there will be six!


I will be speaking at cf.Objective() 2010 on Security Topics (duh)

I received word last week that two of the topic proposals I submitted to the cf.Objective() planning committee were accepted. I am very excited and honored by this. It's nice to know that people think what I have to say is worth while.

You may have guessed that I will be talking about security, since that seems to be what I enjoy talking about most. But this year will be a little different.


My presentations from the MN Government IT Symposium

Bleh. I have been sick for the last week and have spent a lot of time away from the keyboard and from blogging. But I was able to give both of my presentations at the MN Government IT Symposium last week and they both wen toff excellently. I got a lot of good feedback for both. Even my application security presentation, which was the last session on the last day managed to draw 20 attendees, which, I understand, is pretty good.

Anyway, here are my presentations in their original formats and in PDF format.


I will be speaking at the MN Government IT Symposium Next Week

Last year I spoke at the Minnesota Government IT Symposium on application security, and I thought it went really well. I ended up with 75 or so attendees (for a 2.5 hour presentation), which I thought was fantastic.

This year I have been honored with being selected to speak again on application security (this time for only one hour) and also on Adobe AIR.


I'll be speaking at CFUnited 2010!! w00t!!

I found out late last week that I am one of several people to have had a presentation topic selected for CFUnited 2010. This is very exciting for me and is a great honor.

The selected topic title is "Understanding Security in Adobe AIR Applications" and here is the description.

Wait... You mean AIR applications have different security concerns than regular web applications? Yes, they do. Since Adobe AIR applications are desktop applications we have new security considerations to think about. Come learn how to ensure that your AIR applications are secure. In this presentation we will go over the Adobe AIR security model and some security best practices in Adobe AIR for both Flex and Ajax applications.

I am really looking froward to putting together this presentation and presenting it to one of the many fantastic conference audiences in the best developer community in the world.

My slides and notes from CFinNC

I had hoped to get these up sooner, but with travel snafus, work obligations, and sick children, time has slipped away.

Anyway, I am finally posting my notes and slides. I hope to be able to put up some narration for it in the near future. We'll see if that happens.

Anyway, here is the SlideSix embedded version.


As stated previously , I will be speaking at CFinNC in October

Here is some info that you need to know about CFinNC. This conference is going to be fantastic.

Registration for CFinNC is now open!

CFinNC is a free web development conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina during the weekend of October 17th and 18th with an International line-up of speakers presenting on timely and relevant topics on web development. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the creativity of the planning committee, registration for the event will be free and includes entry to the weekend event and to all presentations.

In order to keep the event free we have removed some hard costs and some benefits you normally get from paid-registration events.

Please be aware of the following:


I will be speaking at the CFinNC conference in October

The awesome folks at CFinNC have notified me that they selected one of my topics for their conference in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. I am very excited to have been selected and to visit a new state. I have never been to North Carolina, so that will be a great experience to. Not to mention getting to see old friends and make new ones. Here is the topic description:


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