Practical Ajax Security on the ColdFusion Meetup this Thursday

This Thursday at 12:00 EST I will be presenting "Practical Ajax Security" for the Online ColdFusion Meetup.

This is a presentation that I did at cf.Objective(), CFUnited, and NCDevCon. I am very pleased to be able to now present it online for those that could not attend those events.

Here is the topic description:

ith the introduction of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) over the last several years, it seems that everyone is jumping on the RIA bandwagon. But is any thought being given to what might need to be done to ensure that our Web 2.0 applications are secure? Or are they are not introducing new vulnerabilities into existing applications? In this presentation, we will look at some of the security issues that can arise from introducing Ajax into your applications and about how to mitigate the risks of opening up remote services for Ajax.

I look forward to seeing you there.

As always, thank you to Charlie Arehart for all you do for the community and for continuing the Online ColdFusion Meetup for all this time. It is, without question, one of the most valuable resources for our community.

cf.Objective() preview presentations tomorrow night at Twin Cities CFUG

Tomorrow night at the Twin Cities CFUG meeting, Kurt Wiersma and I will each be presenting one of our cf.Objective() presentations. I think we each have three presentations to give at cf.O(). This is your opportunity to see two of the six early (or at all if you are not going to the conference for some bizarre reason). :)


Forget what you think you know about CFML - Twin Cities Language User Group

On Thursday evening (Nov 12, 2009 @ 5:30) I will be speaking to the Twin Cities Language User Group about CFML.

The Twin Cities Language User Group is, to me, a unique group. It is not focused on a particular language or family of languages, its concept seems to be to bridge the divide between languages and to expose developers to new ideas and methodologies. It seemed like a perfect place to pitch CFML and show other developers just how great CFML is.


ColdFusion Application Security at the Boston CFUG - Last Night

Last night I had a great time presenting to the Boston ColdFusion user Group on Application Security. It seems like we had a great turnout both in Boston and in the Connect room.

As promised during the meeting, I am posting the slides, in both OpenOffice and PowerPoint format. I am also posting a PDF handout that has code sample, best practices and other information that may not have been in the presentation.


I will be speaking about ColdFusion Application Security at the Boston CFUG this week

Well, not exactly AT the Boston CFUG. As much as I would like to visit Beantown, I will actually be presenting via Adobe Connect at 6:30 PM EST on Wednesday September 16th, 2009.

I was honored to be asked to present on application security. I am also excited, because I love talking about this geeky stuff. I think it is important for all of us to know more about application security.


Last Night's Hands-on Adobe AIR Presentation at TCCFUG - with source code

Last night we did a hands-on Adobe AIR session at the Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group meeting. We had a great turnout of about 18 people and I was very happy to see so much interest in Adobe AIR. I think it is a lot of fun to work in and I am glad I piqued the interest of so many others.

As promised at the meeting, I am posting the source code of the completed application.


Hands on Adobe AIR at the next Twin Cities CFUG

On Wednesday, September 2nd, I will be presenting at the Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group meeting. At this meeting we are going to be trying something new (at least for me since I have been going to the CFUG). We are going to do some hands-on work with the technologies we love instead of just doing a lecture-style presentation.

The work we will be doing is with Adobe AIR, JavaScript, jQuery, and SQLite. Here is the description for the session:


Congratulations Kyle Dodge

Congratulations Kyle Dodge on winning my drawing for a copy of the ColdFusion 8: Beyond the Basics training DVD. A total on 23 people entered, which was great, I am glad to see so much interest in learning ColdFusion better.

Even if you did not win, by all means, check out I think it is a great resource.

Building an AIR Application with HTML and jQuery - Connect Recording

Last night I got together, online, with Todd Raffery, Ben Nadel and Andy Matthews to talk about Adobe AIR and jQuery.

Last week, while twittering, we came up with the idea of having a "virtual classroom" setting, using Adobe Connect to get together and work through building an AIR application from scratch. So we did just that. This was a private session, so don't feel like you missed an announcement. I wanted to keep it small and informal so that we could feel OK about speaking freely, having fun and learning through questions and discussion.


Another giveaway - ColdFusion 8: Beyond the Basics

NOTE: I have closed the comments on this entry. The contest is now over, I have selected and notified the winner. I will blog about that shortly. - Jason 7/24/2009 13:10

I have come into possession of a copy of the ColdFusion 8: Beyond the Basics Training DVD. For those unfamiliar with, it is an excellent resource for training videos for an array of different technologies and concepts. I have been a member of through my job, and prior to that, on my own and I think it is an excellent service.


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