CFSummit 2013

CFSummit happened this past week at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Overall, I thought the event went fantastically. The venue, food, hotel, sessions, attendees, and pretty much everything else were fantastic. I really had a great time and would like to thank Adobe, The Crawford Group, my fellow speakers, and the amazing group of attendees for being there and making the event the best it could be.

I presented twice at CFSummit. For those that asked, here are links to my presentations and to those of the other speakers who have uploaded theirs to the public DropBox.

Application Security Best Practices - Part 1 Application Security Best Practices - Part 2 CFSummit Presentations Public DropBox

Now, to get ready for cf.Objective() 2014.

Making JEE Session Tokens "Domain Cookies" in Tomcat

This post is not ColdFusion specific, but this came about while using ColdFusion 10 with the Tomcat servlet container that comes with it.

Ray was asking today about making Domain cookies with Tomcat and CF10 while using JEE Session Tokens (JSESSIONID). When using ColdFusion Session Tokens (CFID/CFToken) this is a trivial matter, because we have complete control over the cookies which are set.


New, unofficial MuraCMS channel (chatroom) on IRC Freenode

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has been around for a LOOONG time. I have fond memories of logging into IRC (for embarrassing amounts of time) when I first logged onto the internet in 1995. I have been using IRC ever since.

The are many server choices on IRC, but the one I keep finding myself coming back to is Freenode.

"freenode provides discussion facilities for the Free and Open Source Software communities, for not-for-profit organizations and for related communities and organizations."

Seems like a perfect place for a Mura channel.


Dear Old-Timers, You CAN put cfcookie and cflocation on the same page

Every once-in-a-while I still see/hear people perpetuating the false statement that in ColdFusion you cannot put CFCOOKIE and CFLOCATION on the same page because the cookie will not get set due to the relocation. I even saw one today.

This is FALSE

A long, long, long, long time ago, this was true. But for the last 10 YEARS it has not been. This behavior was changed in CF6 (2002, I think).

So all you old-timers who are still spreading this falsity, knock it off.



Reference: CFWACK 7 Page 1008

The importance of Mura (and Plugins)

What I've been thinking about

I've been thinking a lot lately about Blue River Interactive's Mura Content Managent System (hence forth referred to as Mura CMS or just Mura), probably because I have been working a lot with it lately. I am in the process of converting a large, mostly static, web site to Mura, and I have been amazed by its power, versatility and ease-of-use. I have been especially pleased with how easy it is for me to make plugins for it.

While thinking about Mura, I have realized something important. Mura CMS is an incredible products with the potential to change the way that ColdFusion and CFML are viewed. And this needs to be recognized. It also has the potential to become a very popular, open source product used outside of the ColdFusion/CFML community.


Accessing FORM and URL variables via $.event() from an admin-side plugin page in Mura

I have been learning a lot about Mura the last couple of weeks while building my first Mura plugin, but I have also had a lot of frustration because some things work differently when you are developing for a front-end page vs. a back-end (admin) page.

In the Mura Developer Documentation it states:

The Event scope simply wraps the current request's event object which contains merged data from both the CFML FORM and URL scopes.

If then goes on to say that the following code should return values from those scopes.

<cfset $.event('property') />

So if I have a URL variable like ?test=123, then this code should return the value '123':

<cfset $.event('test') />

This seems to work fine on pages I create for Mura display objects for the front end of the website, but for pages in the admin area of the site, this method only produces [empty string].


Forget what you think you know about CFML - Twin Cities Language User Group

On Thursday evening (Nov 12, 2009 @ 5:30) I will be speaking to the Twin Cities Language User Group about CFML.

The Twin Cities Language User Group is, to me, a unique group. It is not focused on a particular language or family of languages, its concept seems to be to bridge the divide between languages and to expose developers to new ideas and methodologies. It seemed like a perfect place to pitch CFML and show other developers just how great CFML is.


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