A productive couple of days, had I

Well, I have had a couple of very productive days at home. There has been A LOT that I have been wanting to do. Well finally, I just sat down and did a lot of it.  In the last two days I have accomplished setting up my ultimate development environment.

Since Noon yesterday I have:

  • Installed Apache 2.2 (A lot easier than I thought it would be)
  • Configured Apache to work with ColdFusion 8 Dev and PHP5
  • Set up a multi-site Drupal installation so that all of my Drupal sites run off of the same code base
  • Installed and configured SVN Server
  • Configured Apache to work with SVN
  • Set up and loaded repositories for all of my projects
  • Configured Eclipse with Subclipse to access my repositories
  • Set up Virtual Host s in Apache so that each of my development sites can have a local domain

I have to say, most of these things were MUCH easier than I though they would be. All save for Subversion working with Apcahe. That was not easy, and I am still not sure I have it right. It seems to be working. But I did have a few issues with importing my files into the repos and with Subclipse freezing up. I'm not sure, but I think I may also have had an issue with a corrupt repo. Now all seems to be well.

Now I have the really hard part. I have to be consistent with my development processes and make sure that I am properly using all of my tools.  I have also recently installed and configured Apache Ant with Eclipse. I have started watching Jim Priest's presentation on UGTV but I have, so far, only created very simle scripts. I still have a lot to learn about Ant, but it looks like it will help me to maintain good practices.

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