Web Accessibility Epiphany

First, I will say that this is my 100th post. When I started blogging earlier this year, I set a personal goal of hitting 100 posts by the end of the year. I am just barely going to make it. Actually, I could have crushed my goal if I had made more time for blogging, and in 2009 I am going to set a goal of 200 more. We'll see.

Thanks to all who have been reading and commenting. I've learned a lot doing this, and I hope that you have benefited from it as well. I look forward to continuing and learning more. And please if you have questions or comments, I love to read, and respond to, them.


I'm using CFFormProtect Now

Just wanted to make a quick post letting my readers know that I am now using CFFormProtect from Jake Munson to protect my blog from spammers without needing to use CAPTCHA.

The main reason I did this is for accessibility. Since LylaCaptcha is not accessible to blind, low vision, and possible color-blind users, I do not feel it is an acceptable solution.

At first I was going to put in reCaptcha, but I tried it out, and the audio CAPTCHA was hard to hear. Then I saw Dan Wilson's post about CFFormProtect, so I thought I would give it a try. I will report my results in a few weeks.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with leaving comments on the blog. Hopefully this will make commenting easier.

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