My Presentation Files from the MN Government IT Symposium

Last week I had a great time presenting a couple of topics at the MN Government IT Symposium. Here are the slide decks from my presentations:


Getting your BlackBerry PlayBook development environment set up - Part Three

In this post, we're going to look at setting up FlashBuilder 4 to talk to our BlackBerry PlayBook virtual device. We'll also create our first PlayBook App.

Note, Parts one & two of this series are prerequisites to this part.

Something New

My last two posts were SO LONG, and took a while to load. All of the screen captures and images really annoyed me. So I decided to do this post using Adobe Captivate.


Getting your BlackBerry PlayBook development environment set up - Part Two

I wanted to release this a couple days ago, but I have been battling connectivity problems at home.

In my last BlackBerry PlayBook post we went through what resources we needed and how to get Flash Builder 4 installed and integrated with the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK. Next we'll look at installing the BlackBerry PlayBook simulator.

The simulator is actually a bootable ISO image that is intended to be run inside of a VMWare virtual machine. I am sure there are resources on how to get VMWare Player (Windows) or VMWare Fusion (Mac) installed on your system, so I will not be covering it in this post. Instead, I will assume you already have it installed.


What can I do on different devices? Adobe AIR

So in an effort to figure out what I can do with different devices, I came across this VERY useful document on Adobe's site. It essentially outlines the features of AIR that are not available across platforms and tells us, of those features, which are available where.

For example, I suspected, but did not know that the Encrypted Local Store would not be available on mobile devices (yet?).

If you plan to develop for multiple device profiles (Desktop, Mobile, TV) then you need to take a look at this:

Getting your BlackBerry PlayBook development environment set up - Part One

I, like many others, am VERY excited about the BlackBerry PlayBook, due out sometime early 2011. One of the reasons I am very excited is that Blackberry has partnered with Adobe to make Adobe AIR one of the easiest ways to start making apps for the PlayBook. I LOVE Adobe AIR and have been using it for almost two years now for developing desktop applications.

So the first question that many new AIR developers might have are:

  1. What do i need to know?
  2. How do I get started?
  3. Where do i get what I need?
  4. What's next?


My Presentation slides from cf.Objective, NCDevCon, and CFUnited

I keep forgetting to do this. Sorry :(

I have given three presentations so far this year, and I will have 2 or three more et before the end of the year. Here are the slides for the first three in both Keynote and PDF formats.


Enabling Access to the Adobe AIR Tools in ColdFusion Builder

I was talking to Charlie Arehart today after his "Hidden Gems in ColdFusion Builder" presentation at CFUnited 2010 and I mention that, for some reason, ColdFusion Builder has the Adobe AIR packaging features of the application hidden by default. So I thought I would write a post on how to enable them for those that would like to use CFBuilder for developing AIR applications.


On my way to NCDevCon

Right now I am on my way to NCDevCon (Yay for free inflight internet!!).

If you are going to be at the conference this weekend, please do not hesitate to introduce yourself. One of the main reasons I go to conferences is to meet others.

On Saturday I will be speaking about Security in Adobe AIR applications. I will point out that this session is targeted toward experienced AIR developers (either Flex or HTML JS).

Anyway, I am looking forward to the conference. Last year's CFinNC was amazing, and I am positive that this year will be just as good.

My presentations from the MN Government IT Symposium

Bleh. I have been sick for the last week and have spent a lot of time away from the keyboard and from blogging. But I was able to give both of my presentations at the MN Government IT Symposium last week and they both wen toff excellently. I got a lot of good feedback for both. Even my application security presentation, which was the last session on the last day managed to draw 20 attendees, which, I understand, is pretty good.

Anyway, here are my presentations in their original formats and in PDF format.


I will be speaking at the MN Government IT Symposium Next Week

Last year I spoke at the Minnesota Government IT Symposium on application security, and I thought it went really well. I ended up with 75 or so attendees (for a 2.5 hour presentation), which I thought was fantastic.

This year I have been honored with being selected to speak again on application security (this time for only one hour) and also on Adobe AIR.


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