CFSummit 2013

CFSummit happened this past week at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Overall, I thought the event went fantastically. The venue, food, hotel, sessions, attendees, and pretty much everything else were fantastic. I really had a great time and would like to thank Adobe, The Crawford Group, my fellow speakers, and the amazing group of attendees for being there and making the event the best it could be.

I presented twice at CFSummit. For those that asked, here are links to my presentations and to those of the other speakers who have uploaded theirs to the public DropBox.

Application Security Best Practices - Part 1 Application Security Best Practices - Part 2 CFSummit Presentations Public DropBox

Now, to get ready for cf.Objective() 2014.

Cyrus's Gravatar Hey Jason, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your security presentation at CFSummit. I wish I had caught the first one (thanks for posting the slides), but the second gave me some great information to think about as a rookie cf dev.
# Posted By Cyrus | 10/28/13 12:05 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Thanks Cyrus.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 10/28/13 1:38 PM
Dave's Gravatar Hey Jason, I had a blast at the Summit last weekend. Thanks for the security presentations. You took a subject that has been a "black Box" for me for years and explained it in a way I could not only understand, but implement. In fact I have already implemented some of your suggestions in my application. Thanks again and I hope to see you at the Summit next year!
# Posted By Dave | 10/29/13 2:28 PM
Jonathan's Gravatar I'll chime in here as well and say thanks for the great security presentations. I've now got plenty of corrective work to do. Thanks!
# Posted By Jonathan | 10/30/13 12:41 PM
Tim Cunningham's Gravatar Thanks Jason, you complete me.
# Posted By Tim Cunningham | 11/18/13 12:58 PM
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stave smitth's Gravatar CF summit 2013 was just start before the week this was good to hear about that I was not at this city on these days. I need to get all information that I miss on this all of that I got from they are the organizer of this event that have all details of this.
# Posted By stave smitth | 12/11/18 1:29 AM
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