Board and Card Games at cf.Objective() 2012 - Birds of a Feather

The Birds of a Feather sessions for cf.Objective() were just announced, and my suggestion was accepted. So we'll be having a BoF session on board and card games. We did this last year and it was such a big hit that we're doing it again.

I will be bringing a bunch of games you're welcome to bring some too.

Here is what I plan to bring:

I encourage others to bring their favorite games. Unlike last year, this BoF is scheduled to run pretty much as late as we want to go. Last year we could only schedule two hours (we ended up going for four). This year I believe the room is being reserved until the wee hours of the morning. So even though on the BoF schedule this BoF is only listed for 1 hour, it will actually run for 5+ hours. Awesome.

Since I cannot, obviously, spend the whole session teaching people to play all of these games, I would LOVE to get some volunteers who know these games or are willing to learn them to sign up to "host" a game. One or two hosts per game would be great. Also, feel free to offer to host your own game of whatever you like.

We'll be in the big room so we can have several games going at once and not bump into each other too much. Last year I think we had at least 5 games going in different areas of the room with no problem. We likely had room for more.

Please feel free to add a comment to volunteer to host a game and to add the game you want to bring.

Note: I will also be brining some very simple pick-up games that take a short time to learn and I'll bring a normal decks of cards. So even if you can't stay the whole time or want to play something simple, please stop in.

These will include:

Last year this was so much fun. Please come join us either right away or after the other BoF sessions. Drop in any time, grab a game and have a blast.

Bob Silverberg's Gravatar I'm looking forward to it, Jason. I'd love to learn and play a new game or two, but I am also bringing a couple. One is a two-player game called Lost Cities which is very quick and easy to learn, and takes about 30 minutes to play. I'm also going to bring my own copy of Munchkin, loaded with an expansion pack. I have a "rigged deck demo" for Munchkin that facilitates teaching it to new players, which I'll bring.

If you'd like me to host a game of Munchkin and teach some to play I'd be willing to do that.

See you in Minneapolis!
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 5/11/12 11:00 AM
Ryan Vikander's Gravatar I'm planning on bringing:
Resident Evil The Deck Building Game
Zombies!!! (plus like 3 or 4 expansions)
Zombie Dice
The Walking Dead Board Game
Zombie Fluxx
# Posted By Ryan Vikander | 5/11/12 11:32 AM
Jim Fasoline's Gravatar It looks like I won't be able to make it that night unfortunately, but if I do I could help teach Roll Through the Ages, Pandemic, and Dominion.
# Posted By Jim Fasoline | 5/11/12 2:00 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar I think Ryan likes Zombies.

Bob, looking forward to trying Lost Cities. I looked at it briefly in the store the other day. I am always looking for good two-player games. Usually the only person I can play with is my wife.

Jim, if you end up making it, we'd love to have you there. I plan to run at least one game of Dominion and one of Pandemic. But the more the merrier.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 5/14/12 12:28 PM
Ryan Vikander's Gravatar I might pick up Ascension prior to cfObjective, I could bring that as well. RE The Deck Building Game is similar to Dominion I hear Ascension if you haven't played it is a different take on deck building games.
# Posted By Ryan Vikander | 5/14/12 12:49 PM
Laura Springer's Gravatar I just got Zombie Dice for Mother's Day! :) Vicky is bringing Poo (which I ALSO got for Mom's Day -- I <3 my family) I'll bring both in case there's extra demand?
I can help with cribbage if needed.
I TOTALLY want to learn how to play Munchkin.

Very excited to actually "meet" you guys!
# Posted By Laura Springer | 5/15/12 10:48 AM
Brian Swartzfager's Gravatar I'll bring Kill Dr. Lucky and Guillotine (and I'll host them). Both are pretty easy to learn.
# Posted By Brian Swartzfager | 5/15/12 6:43 PM
Jason's Gravatar @Laura, fantastic. See you there.

@Brian, Guillotine is a fantastic game. Good choice. I am not familiar with Kill Dr. Lucky, the title sounds fun though.
# Posted By Jason | 5/15/12 8:34 PM
Delapouite's Gravatar I found Zombies!!! quite noob friendly and it fits very well in your selection for the amount of time dedicated to this Bof session. Risk is also a must have for people who just wants to share a good time.
# Posted By Delapouite | 5/16/12 8:41 AM
Jason Dean's Gravatar @Delapouite Zombies!!! is great for n00bs, for sure. And a lot of fun. THis BoF is going to run for 6+ hours, so it should be plenty of time for several games. And even Risk could be completed in that amount of time. Thanks for the input. Will you be at cf.O()? Are you volunteering to run either of those?
# Posted By Jason Dean | 5/16/12 9:22 AM
Fred Palmer's Gravatar Wow! You placement the birds of a feather sessions with the board and card games at cf.Objectives 2012 seems to me complicated. Thanks! :)
# Posted By Fred Palmer | 8/8/12 9:48 AM
biogetica's Gravatar That is a very nicely planned game list. I am gald they liked your suggestion. Everyone must have enjoyed it. :)
# Posted By biogetica | 11/6/12 8:31 AM
shahid's Gravatar Thank you for the suggestion. Sometimes it seems me complicated but now i am enjoying this.
# Posted By shahid | 7/10/16 11:56 PM
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