My Presentation slides from cf.Objective, NCDevCon, and CFUnited

I keep forgetting to do this. Sorry :(

I have given three presentations so far this year, and I will have 2 or three more et before the end of the year. Here are the slides for the first three in both Keynote and PDF formats.

  • Practical Ajax Security - Given at cf.O(), NCDevCon, and CFUnited [Keynote]  [PDF]  [7Zipped PDF]
  • Understanding Security in Adobe AIR Applications - Given at cf.O(), NCDevCon, and CFUnited [Keynote]  [PDF]  [7Zipped PDF]
  • A Brief Introduction to Cryptography - Given at cf.O() [Keynote]  [PDF]  [7Zipped PDF]

Sorry for the delay in releasing this. I intend to give all three presentations again on the ColdFusion Meetup over the next few months.

UPDATE NOTE: If you are viewing the PDFs, I left the animations in there (hence the HUGE file size) since the animations are important to the content. The animations are best viewed in "Presentation Mode" in Acrobat reader. Essentially, it is just a full screen mode that makes it look more like the original Keynote presentation.

Peter Boughton's Gravatar Those are pretty big files - how about compressing for the benefit of those on slow connections? (I got 75MB down to 21MB for two of them with 7zip.)
# Posted By Peter Boughton | 8/19/10 9:22 AM
Jason Dean's Gravatar OK, Done. I added 7zipped versions of the PDFs. Good idea.

# Posted By Jason Dean | 8/19/10 10:26 AM
Sami Hoda's Gravatar Whoa. Thats a massive preso!
# Posted By Sami Hoda | 8/19/10 2:58 PM
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