On my way to NCDevCon

Right now I am on my way to NCDevCon (Yay for free inflight internet!!).

If you are going to be at the conference this weekend, please do not hesitate to introduce yourself. One of the main reasons I go to conferences is to meet others.

On Saturday I will be speaking about Security in Adobe AIR applications. I will point out that this session is targeted toward experienced AIR developers (either Flex or HTML JS).

Anyway, I am looking forward to the conference. Last year's CFinNC was amazing, and I am positive that this year will be just as good.

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Cary May's Gravatar One of the reasons I like international conferences is the students research. The teams are ready to share results and stats about the various security and functions in the Technology department. And there I can be sure to see the comparison between a thesis statement and a dissertation paper (my thoughts on https://dissertationwriter.org/the-difference-betw... here).
# Posted By Cary May | 9/13/18 6:27 AM
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