cf.Objective() preview presentations tomorrow night at Twin Cities CFUG

Tomorrow night at the Twin Cities CFUG meeting, Kurt Wiersma and I will each be presenting one of our cf.Objective() presentations. I think we each have three presentations to give at cf.O(). This is your opportunity to see two of the six early (or at all if you are not going to the conference for some bizarre reason). :)

Kurt Wiersma - Load Testing Your Site with JMeter

Come see how you can setup the Apache JMeter, a free to tool for load testing. In session we will explain why you should be loading testing applications before you release them into production. We will also discuss some tips for how to conduct an accurate load test that can give you actual metrics that help you make more efficient applications.

Jason Dean - Practical Ajax Security

With the introduction of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) over the last several years, it seems that everyone is jumping on the RIA bandwagon. But is any thought being given to what might need to be done to ensure that our Web 2.0 applications are secure? Are we introducing new vulnerabilities into existing applications? In this presentation, we will look at some of the security issues that can arise from introducing Ajax into your applications and about how to mitigate the risks of opening up remote services for Ajax.

I look forward to seeing you there, or at cf.Objective() in two weeks.

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