Developing Secure Facebook Applications Guide at OWASP

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has provided us with another great resource to help secure our web applications. A guide to creating secure applications on the Facebook platform has been released.

This guide, written by Justine Osborne ( and Ryan McGeehan (Facebook), "provides a basic outline/best practice for developing secure applications on the Facebook platform. Facebook applications are web, desktop, or mobile applications that make use of the Facebook API to integrate tightly with the social network experience."

I am not a Facebook developer, but I know many of my readers and friends are. So I hope you can get some use out of this. Should I ever decide to develop Facebook apps, I can assure you that I would use this guide.

The document is available at

Simon Free's Gravatar It is a pretty interesting read! Definitely some useful information in there my man! Now i gotta update a few things :-(
# Posted By Simon Free | 3/30/10 7:04 AM
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