My Presentation Files from the MN Government IT Symposium

Last week I had a great time presenting a couple of topics at the MN Government IT Symposium. Here are the slide decks from my presentations:

A Brief Introduction to Cryptography for Application Developers

Description: In this presentation we will look at the basics of cryptography. We will discuss how encryption and decryption work and some of the basic principles of cryptography. We will cover the basics of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, keys and key management, cryptographic modes of operation, and the uses of cryptography. We'll finish with some short practical examples of using cryptography in web application development.


Keynote Format (9mb)
PDF (67mb)
7 Zipped PDF(9mb)

Options for Rapid Desktop and Mobile Application Development

Description: In this presentation we will explore options for developing cross-platform desktop and mobile applications quickly, easily, and effectively. We will take a high-level look at several options for building these applications with tools that are much easier and faster to use than Java, C++, .NET, and Objective-C. We'll also discuss the trade-offs with choosing these technologies over traditional desktop/mobile development.

Keynote (16mb)
PDF (17mb)

For those that made it to the presentations, thank you.

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