Getting your BlackBerry PlayBook development environment set up - Part Three

In this post, we're going to look at setting up FlashBuilder 4 to talk to our BlackBerry PlayBook virtual device. We'll also create our first PlayBook App.

Note, Parts one & two of this series are prerequisites to this part.

Something New

My last two posts were SO LONG, and took a while to load. All of the screen captures and images really annoyed me. So I decided to do this post using Adobe Captivate.

Captivate is a really fantastic product that does not get a lot of attention (at least that I've seen). I really had a good experience creating this demo. Please let me know what you think.


Rumman's Gravatar Looking cool. Keep it up my friend.
# Posted By Rumman | 2/1/11 9:36 AM
Caleb's Gravatar The Captivate Demo is cool, but it the lack of iPad support is unfortunate. I was viewing your blog on my ipad, and setting up my macbook... until I got to step 3.

Either way, I just thought you may appreciate the feedback.

Regardless, thanks for the great work!
# Posted By Caleb | 2/24/11 2:26 AM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Thanks Caleb. You're right, the lack of Flash support on the iPad is unfortunate. :)

See what I did there? Awesome ;)
# Posted By Jason Dean | 3/1/11 11:55 AM
stephen's Gravatar In case it saves someone else the trouble:
My simulator was complaining that the tablet OS SDK wasn't installed and configured.
Turns out I needed to get into project properties->flex compiler and select Blackberry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR
It defaulted to something else.
# Posted By stephen | 3/25/11 6:00 PM
Diego Mei's Gravatar I could watch it with ease on my PlayBook. ^^

Will there be more articles?
# Posted By Diego Mei | 1/2/12 6:57 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Diego,

I am afraid not. My mobile focus is now on PhoneGap. But the ADC has covered Blackberry and other Flash for Mobile development better than I ever could.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 1/3/12 12:17 PM
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