Getting your BlackBerry PlayBook development environment set up - Part Two

I wanted to release this a couple days ago, but I have been battling connectivity problems at home.

In my last BlackBerry PlayBook post we went through what resources we needed and how to get Flash Builder 4 installed and integrated with the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK. Next we'll look at installing the BlackBerry PlayBook simulator.

The simulator is actually a bootable ISO image that is intended to be run inside of a VMWare virtual machine. I am sure there are resources on how to get VMWare Player (Windows) or VMWare Fusion (Mac) installed on your system, so I will not be covering it in this post. Instead, I will assume you already have it installed.

First, we need to run the download of the simulator, which essentially just unpacks the ISO. On the Mac you'll have a file called and on Windows you'll have BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator-Installer-Win.exe. Unzipping the file or running the exe should result in an ISO file called BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator.iso. Move this file to any location you like, but make note of it, we'll need it in a bit. I put mine right into my Virtual Machines folder that VMWare created for me in /Users/jason/Documents/Virtual Machines

I am on a Mac, so my instructions will be using VMWare Fusion. Hopefully VMWare Player will be similar.

1. Open VMWare Fusion, you should have a VMWare Library that looks something like this: (Though it will probably be empty)

2. Click on the "New" Button in the lower left-hand corner of the library. You'll be prompted to create a new Virtual Machine

3. Choose to "Continue without Disk"

4. Choose "Use Operating System Installation Disk Image File". And you'll be prompted with a file chooser dialog. FInd the ISO file and choose it. Click Continue.

5. When prompted to "Choose Operating System", choose OS: Other, version: Other. NOTE: Be sure to choose OTHER for both options. Do NOT choose "Other 64-Bit" for the version or you'll get a network adapter that won't work right and when you go to get the IP address of your VM later you'll get a "Network Interface" error.

6. Click Continue and then choose "Customize Settings". You'll be prompted to give your VM a name, call it whatever you like.

7. You'll now get a settings window that looks like this. We need to change two settings.

8. Click on "Processors and RAM" and change the RAM to "1024" (You can probably enter 512 if you are running on a POS). Then click Show All to return to the settings.

9. Click on Display and check the box for Accelerate 3D Graphics. You can then close the settings window.

10. Finally, we can launch the VM by clicking on the play button (triangle) in the Library window. This will start the VM, and after a short boot process you'll be prompted with:

11. Type "Y" and hit enter. The boot process will continue and before long you'll have your PlayBook simulator up-and-running.

NOTE: Not actual size :)

12. Now we need to change some settings to allow remote connection from FB4. Click on the "Gear" icon in the upper-right.

13. Click on security and choose to "Enable" next to "Development mode is off.

14. You will be prompted to create a password. This is for your "device"'s security. I'm sure it matters more for a real devices, but since we are making this VM available on the network, we should probably assume it's for the best. Make a note of what it is, I have already had to start over once cause I did not :)

15. Once you have Dev Mode enabled, click on the new "Hammer" icon that has appeared. Write down the IP address that the device is using. We'll use this when we connect from FB4 in a bit.

One recommendation I will make is it not bother ever turning of this VM. Instead, use the "Suspend" action available at the top of the VM window. This is much faster and will hopefully prevent us from getting a new IP from VMWare (Cause then we'd have to go change it in FB4 as you'll see).

Since these posts are consistently longer than I expect I will make "Connecting Flash Builder and the simulator" my next post and I will probably do it this weekend.

loonix's Gravatar I installed it on Windows XP and VMware server. For whatever reason I had to use bridged networking in order for FB to be able to connect to/debug on the playbook VM.
# Posted By loonix | 12/9/10 7:30 AM
MWC's Gravatar When I did this all I got was a big silver blackberry logo, I thought that is was the boot screen and waited, but after half an hour, I figured something was wrong, do you know how to fix this? Should I uninstall, then reinstall?
# Posted By MWC | 1/22/11 12:51 PM
Scott's Gravatar Hi,
Thanks for posting this up. When I run the VM in windows 7 I get a licence agreement but can't see an options for possible actions. Do you have any advice? Maybe something with the settings?

# Posted By Scott | 2/26/11 11:32 AM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Sorry Scott, no Idea. I have never tried any of this on Windows 7. Last I heard, it works, but I have no personal experience with it.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 3/1/11 11:56 AM
stephen's Gravatar Scott,
I'm also running win7. I had the same results as you. In my case it was because I didn't set the RAM > 512MB. It's a little confusing because the interface isn't quite the same as shown here. Regardless, I wiped the current VM, created a new VM, set the RAM to 1GB, set 2 cores, and accelerated graphics. Now the only thing I don't understand is how to navigate this thing!
# Posted By stephen | 3/25/11 2:30 PM
Abhishek's Gravatar just tried BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator-1.0.1 on windows 7 and it will perfectly

I think earlier version have some issues to run either on windows 7 or 64 bit

make sure not to install in c:\ or OS directory otherwise u will get access error for file permission
# Posted By Abhishek | 5/12/11 3:22 AM
Huzefa Putliwala's Gravatar I follow all your steps properly but inspite of this a blank screen appears when I run VM Player, nothing is displayed.

What should i do. Please Help.
# Posted By Huzefa Putliwala | 7/11/11 9:09 AM
Huzefa Putliwala's Gravatar I follow all your steps properly but inspite of this a blank screen appears when I run VM Player, nothing is displayed.

What should i do. Please Help. I am using Windows XP
# Posted By Huzefa Putliwala | 7/11/11 9:13 AM
Himanshu's Gravatar hello friends,
What i want to knw is , my Blackberry SDK is not available in my flash builder do anyone knws wht is the problem i unzipped the Adobe air on my desktop and installed the Blackberry SDK in this unzipped folder i m using windows 7 and my Playbook emulator is running but unable to add the Blackberry sdk
# Posted By Himanshu | 3/27/12 1:14 AM
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