cf.Objective Preconference Training Opportunities

I hope everyone is aware of the cf.Objective() conference that takes place in Minneapolis/St. Paul every year. In case you are not, you should know that it is an absolutely AMAZING event.

cf.Objective() is touted as "The World's Only Enterprise Engineering Conference for ColdFusion Developers". I have been to two cf.Objective() conferences so far, and this year will be my third. I am very excited about it.

Two years ago, there was a two-day pre-conference training session held on the Mach-II framework. It was a very successful training (I believe they sold out every seat), but beyond that, it was a fantastic training. I attended it, and I loved it. I learned a lot. Last year they had ColdBox training prior to the conference. I did not attend that one, but I hear it was also great.

This year, the organizers of cf.Objective() are trying the pre-conference training again, but with more training sessions. This year there will be six!

Here is the list:

  • Building Secure CFML Applications (April 21) - Jason Dean and Pete Freitag
  • Coldbox:100 Training (April 21) - Luis Majano
  • Developing Applications with ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping (ORM) (April 20-21) - Bob Silverberg and Mark Mandel
  • Getting Started with Flex and AIR Development with the Flex SDK (April 21) - John Mason
  • Mach-II and OOP from the Ground Up (April 20-21) - Kurt Weirsma, Peter Farrell and Matt Woodward
  • Rapid Development with Model-Glue 3 (April 20-21) - Dan Wilson and Ezra Parker

As you can see, Pete Freitag and I are going to be doing a full-day training on building secure CFML applications. I am really excited about this. We are going to be using an insecure application for the training. We will actually show you how to hack the application and then how to fix it. We'll also talk about application security principles and best practices. It's going to be a lot of fun.

To learn more about cf.Objective and the pre-conference training, go to:

Ben Nadel's Gravatar I'm totally hacking your security class right now... :)

Ok that was nonsensical, but it just sounded right.
# Posted By Ben Nadel | 1/23/10 7:43 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Yes, except for being non-sensical, it sounded right.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 1/23/10 8:18 PM
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