ColdFusion Application Security at the Boston CFUG - Last Night

Last night I had a great time presenting to the Boston ColdFusion user Group on Application Security. It seems like we had a great turnout both in Boston and in the Connect room.

As promised during the meeting, I am posting the slides, in both OpenOffice and PowerPoint format. I am also posting a PDF handout that has code sample, best practices and other information that may not have been in the presentation.


Presentation ( PPT ) | ( ODP )
Handout ( PDF )
Also, if you missed the presentation, you can view the recording at

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting. It really was a good time.

Tony Garcia's Gravatar Since I had to miss the meeting last minute, thanks a lot for posting this stuff!
# Posted By Tony Garcia | 9/17/09 9:40 AM
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