ColdFusion Application Security at the Boston CFUG - Last Night

Last night I had a great time presenting to the Boston ColdFusion user Group on Application Security. It seems like we had a great turnout both in Boston and in the Connect room.

As promised during the meeting, I am posting the slides, in both OpenOffice and PowerPoint format. I am also posting a PDF handout that has code sample, best practices and other information that may not have been in the presentation.


Presentation ( PPT ) | ( ODP )
Handout ( PDF )
Also, if you missed the presentation, you can view the recording at

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting. It really was a good time.

Tony Garcia's Gravatar Since I had to miss the meeting last minute, thanks a lot for posting this stuff!
# Posted By Tony Garcia | 9/17/09 9:40 AM
Antonia Cummins's Gravatar The greater part of the ruptures in ColdFusion applications were in reality because of vulnerabilities in the ColdFusion stage, and not really from botches made in the custom code that designers compose. I'm certain sooner or later down the line Railo would get bolstered, as well. You could simply join the beta and ask the improvement group, as well. They'd know the greater part of the intricate details.
# Posted By Antonia Cummins | 7/12/18 4:03 AM
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