I will be speaking about ColdFusion Application Security at the Boston CFUG this week

Well, not exactly AT the Boston CFUG. As much as I would like to visit Beantown, I will actually be presenting via Adobe Connect at 6:30 PM EST on Wednesday September 16th, 2009.

I was honored to be asked to present on application security. I am also excited, because I love talking about this geeky stuff. I think it is important for all of us to know more about application security.

This is an updated version of the presentation I gave at cf.Objective() in May. We will be discussing some of the more advanced topics of application security, because, like many of you, I am sick to death of hearing about SQL injection. There is a LOT more for us to be aware of, and I think that gets lost in the hype over CFQUERYPARAM.

The title of the presentation is "ColdFusion Application Security: The Next Step" and here is the description.

We've all parameterized our SQL queries to prevent SQL injection attacks, right? So what's next? Are our applications safe now? No, they are not. SQL injection is only the tip of the vulnerability iceberg. There are many other security topics that need to be addressed in our applications. Threats and vulnerabilities are everywhere, and it is likely that your applications contain some of them. In this presentation we will discuss what threatens web applications and how to create countermeasures to address these vulnerabilities.

If you wish to attend the presentation in Boston, the CFUG manager requests that you RSVP.

If you would like to attend the meeting virtually, via Connect, you can do so here : http://adobechats.adobe.acrobat.com/r79545431/.

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