Hands on Adobe AIR at the next Twin Cities CFUG

On Wednesday, September 2nd, I will be presenting at the Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group meeting. At this meeting we are going to be trying something new (at least for me since I have been going to the CFUG). We are going to do some hands-on work with the technologies we love instead of just doing a lecture-style presentation.

The work we will be doing is with Adobe AIR, JavaScript, jQuery, and SQLite. Here is the description for the session:

Hands-on Building an Adobe AIR application with HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and SQLite

In this session we will get hands-on with building an Adobe AIR application using HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and SQLite. Adobe AIR gives web developers the power and flexibility to develop desktop applications using the technologies that they already know. We will build a simple AIR application and lay the groundwork for building more advanced applications.

This is a hands-on session. You are not required to participate. You will still get something out of watching the process. But if you want to participate, you will need to bring a laptop computer with the following already installed:

You can test your Aptana/AIR installation by following the guide here.

If you need help installing any of this, please email me prior to the CFUG meeting. jason [@t] 12robots.com

I think this is going to be a lot of fun. I have never giving a preso like this before, so hopefully it will go well. If you are going to attend, please don't forget to RSVP.

Kurt Wiersma's Gravatar Great idea to make it a hands on session. After seeing your app at cfunited I am even more exited to participate in learning more about AIR and HTML apps.
# Posted By Kurt Wiersma | 8/20/09 6:37 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Thanks Kurt. I hope it goes well.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 8/21/09 6:47 AM
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