Building an AIR Application with HTML and jQuery - Connect Recording

Last night I got together, online, with Todd Raffery, Ben Nadel and Andy Matthews to talk about Adobe AIR and jQuery.

Last week, while twittering, we came up with the idea of having a "virtual classroom" setting, using Adobe Connect to get together and work through building an AIR application from scratch. So we did just that. This was a private session, so don't feel like you missed an announcement. I wanted to keep it small and informal so that we could feel OK about speaking freely, having fun and learning through questions and discussion.

This is a very rough presentation. I did not have a lot of time to prepare and I had zero time to practice anything. So please do not expect a polished presentation. This is more a group of geeks getting together and discussing/demonstrating AIR and jQuery.

I got a lot out of this session too. All three of these guys know more about jQuery than I do, so I learned some awesome new tricks.

We talked about starting an AIR application, about event-driven programming in AIR and jQuery and about working with Synchronous SQL connections using a SQLite database. I did not get to cover as much stuff as I had hoped, but that gives us an opportunity to cover more in the future. Adobe AIR does a TON of stuff.

This really was a lot of fun, and we are planning on doing a follow up to look at some other topics in AIR. I also have some other ideas of "classes" I would like to host. So please, as a viewer, if you like this and got something out of it, please speak up in the comments, so we know if we should bother with the recording in the future.

Here is the recording link

NOTE: I'm sorry, but I forgot to enable the 'Full Screen' button in Connect before we started, and I don't think I can do it after the fact. If you click the "Scroll" button at the bottom of the screen it will give out a zoomed view so you can see the code.

Ben Nadel's Gravatar This was a lot of fun and super informative. As someone who's known about AIR for ever but not touched it, I can now say I am eager to jump in! Thanks Jason!
# Posted By Ben Nadel | 7/24/09 8:41 AM
andy matthews's Gravatar You did a fantastic job leading the charge Jason. I had a great time and can't wait for another chance to jump in on another recording.
# Posted By andy matthews | 7/24/09 8:54 AM
Todd Rafferty's Gravatar @Jason, Ben and Andy: I had a great time last night and despite knowing a little something about jQuery, I learned even more jQuery last night and AIR is certainly less intimidating. Look forward to the next session.
# Posted By Todd Rafferty | 7/24/09 12:35 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar I'm so glad you guys got so much out of it. I did too. I too am looking forward to the next session.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 7/24/09 12:43 PM
Web Design Lancaster's Gravatar I can't believe the number of developers who haven't touched Adobe AIR.
It's awesome.
I've heard a lot of people say that it's intimidating, so perhaps Adobe should work more on marketing it to developers.
# Posted By Web Design Lancaster | 7/24/09 1:52 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar @Web Design Lancaster

Agreed, it is awesome. I hope this recording and future recordings and posts can help people get into AIR more and eliminate any intimidation. It's really not that hard, once you get the hang of it.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 7/24/09 2:47 PM
Bobby Orr's Gravatar Very cool stuff, love the subject as well as the Acrobat Connect collaborative format. I was only able to catch part of this presentation but look forward to finishing it soon (and look forward to others). I think AIR is slow in catching on because many people just haven't paid attention to what it is or stopped paying attention once they had open source concerns. Definitely a cool technology, especially when bolstered with jQuery.
# Posted By Bobby Orr | 7/24/09 6:20 PM
Mark Morrison's Gravatar Awesome recording, great dialog.

Is there a place to get the source code?
# Posted By Mark Morrison | 9/15/09 8:57 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar @mark,

You can grab the source from my SVN.

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# Posted By Jason Dean | 9/15/09 9:23 PM
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