Another giveaway - ColdFusion 8: Beyond the Basics

NOTE: I have closed the comments on this entry. The contest is now over, I have selected and notified the winner. I will blog about that shortly. - Jason 7/24/2009 13:10

I have come into possession of a copy of the ColdFusion 8: Beyond the Basics Training DVD. For those unfamiliar with, it is an excellent resource for training videos for an array of different technologies and concepts. I have been a member of through my job, and prior to that, on my own and I think it is an excellent service.

I have this DVD, but I do not need it. I am familiar with the content and so I am hoping that someone else might get some use out of it. If you are interested, leave a comment on this entry. Make sure to use your valid email address when you are leaving the comment (but do not leave it IN the comment, I don't want you getting spammed). I will randomly choose from the comments and notify the winner by email.

I hope someone can get some great knowledge from this. And for those that may be wondering, this is still good coursework, even though CF9 is due out soon all of the information is still valid.

This giveaway is not endorsed or sponsored my or any resellers. It is something I am doing on my own. No warranty is implied. I will only ship USPS Media Mail, if I cannot get it to you by USPS Media Mail, then we'll talk about options.

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Nick's Gravatar Awful nice of you.
# Posted By Nick | 7/21/09 6:25 PM
George Murphy's Gravatar Say, I am interested in that DVD. Email me back from my web site and I will give you my address. Thanks!
# Posted By George Murphy | 7/21/09 7:14 PM
Anthony Hixon's Gravatar I still feel there's more I can learn from ColdFusion 8 so I would definitely be interested.
# Posted By Anthony Hixon | 7/21/09 8:09 PM
John Ramon's Gravatar I'm interested. =)
# Posted By John Ramon | 7/21/09 10:51 PM
Jens's Gravatar I could really need a kickstart to get back on track again with programming.
# Posted By Jens | 7/22/09 3:36 AM
Curt Gratz's Gravatar Wow, who knew Jason was so nice.
# Posted By Curt Gratz | 7/22/09 6:21 AM
Will Wilson's Gravatar Would be great to take my skills up a notch
# Posted By Will Wilson | 7/22/09 6:42 AM
Chad Mefferd's Gravatar Who ever receives this gift should use it only for good, never for evil. If choose me, I assure you sir, it will be used only for good.
# Posted By Chad Mefferd | 7/22/09 7:29 AM
Eric Cobb's Gravatar Awesome! Sign me up!
# Posted By Eric Cobb | 7/22/09 7:40 AM
Paul's Gravatar wow, thats pretty cool!
# Posted By Paul | 7/22/09 10:15 AM
Pat Whitlock's Gravatar Sure sign me up. So nice of you to offer!!
# Posted By Pat Whitlock | 7/22/09 11:07 AM
Mike Sprague's Gravatar What a great offer. I'm definitely interested.
# Posted By Mike Sprague | 7/22/09 11:25 AM
brian's Gravatar yes please
# Posted By brian | 7/22/09 11:42 AM
Rob Parkhill's Gravatar Sounds like a good deal to me :)
# Posted By Rob Parkhill | 7/22/09 11:52 AM
tricia galvin's Gravatar That is really great! There are two of us here that would love to go through the
DVD coursework!
# Posted By tricia galvin | 7/22/09 12:38 PM
Daniel Garcia's Gravatar I really enjoyed reading your security series of blogs a while back. A lot of good things on here. Please sign me up. Thanks!
# Posted By Daniel Garcia | 7/22/09 12:52 PM
Kyle Dodge's Gravatar Very cool, sign me up
# Posted By Kyle Dodge | 7/22/09 2:33 PM
Charles's Gravatar great!
# Posted By Charles | 7/22/09 4:43 PM
Hatem Jaber's Gravatar I wouldn't mind the video myself!
# Posted By Hatem Jaber | 7/22/09 5:30 PM
Prashant gupta's Gravatar It's really helpful for me as well as the CF community.
Thanks a lot.
# Posted By Prashant gupta | 7/22/09 11:29 PM
Unibands's Gravatar Hey hey Jason. Did I ever say how fresh faced and good looking you've been recently? Yeah, I know...but take it from one hetro guy to another...the chicks love you. Umm...this one time a lady I knew was all like "hell, you gotta get me talking to that Jason Dean guy...I hear he programs 60 lines of code a second" and I was all like...hell yeah...

And that's why I'm here :-p


PS - I do rather like this popup comment box!
# Posted By Unibands | 7/23/09 10:37 AM
Sarah Kelly's Gravatar Very cool. I would love to have this. I haven't used, but have a co-worker who loves it for general webdev stuff.

We're just now getting ready to upgrade to CF8, so this would be just in time.
# Posted By Sarah Kelly | 7/23/09 11:43 AM
Ed Lamp's Gravatar sign me up :)
# Posted By Ed Lamp | 7/23/09 6:46 PM
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