A scary look at a link spamming tool

Rafal Los has a short, but eye-opening post on the X-Rumer link spamming tool from Russian BotMaster Labs.

This is some scary stuff and really shows that CAPTCHA is become less and less useful in the fight against comment spammers.

Personally, I have started seeing A LOT less spam in comments since I started using CFFormProtect from Jake Munson, and if you are using BlogCFC or another CFML based blogging tool, I would highly recommend getting CFFormProtect with Askimet up and running. I don't know if BotMasters or some other organization will figure out ways past it or not, I suspect they will, but for the time being CFFormProtect with Askimet seems to be far more effective than any CAPTCHA I have ever used. Plus it has the added bonus of being accessible, where CAPTCHA is not.

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Scott Stroz's Gravatar I am afraid to restrict my comment spam that much because as soon as I do, I will actually have a need for some WoW gold and not know where I can get some.
# Posted By Scott Stroz | 7/11/09 1:40 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar @Scott, that's a good point. I had not considered the ACTUAL NEED for WoW gold. I am going to have to rethink this whole thing now.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 7/11/09 2:57 PM
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