jQuery and AIR: Desktop Development for the Front End Designer with Andy Matthews

UPDATE: For anyone that may have missed this, here is the recording URL:

Unfortunately, we cannot all be in the beautiful city of Nashville tonight to see Andy Matthew present his jQuery and AIR: Desktop Development for the Front End Designer. And we weren't all at cf.Objective to catch it there (I was, it was great). But, you can still see it in person or online TONIGHT!

I think this presentation is a "must see". Not just for the Front End Designer, but for any of us who want to see the power of Adobe AIR when combined with something as fantastic and jQuery.

This presentation is a great demonstration that Adobe AIR is NOT just for Flex developers. No MXML or ActionScript is required to get a high quality, fully featured AIR application up and running. Adobe AIR with HTML and JavaScript is a powerful mix. So go get your feet wet at Andy's presentation.

The details for the Nashville CFUG can be found here

The link for the Connect session is here: http://mmusergroup.adobe.acrobat.com/ncfug/

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