Forget what you think you know about CFML - Twin Cities Language User Group

On Thursday evening (Nov 12, 2009 @ 5:30) I will be speaking to the Twin Cities Language User Group about CFML.

The Twin Cities Language User Group is, to me, a unique group. It is not focused on a particular language or family of languages, its concept seems to be to bridge the divide between languages and to expose developers to new ideas and methodologies. It seemed like a perfect place to pitch CFML and show other developers just how great CFML is.

You can learn more about the Twin Cities Language User Group and RSVP for the meeting here

Here is the topic description:

Forget What you think you know about CFML (ColdFusion)

For over 14 years CFML has been facilitating Rapid Application Development through Adobe (previously Macromedia/Allaire) ColdFusion. CFML, the language that ColdFusion uses, is an easy-to-learn, powerful, web application development scripting language that receives high praise from those that use it. But until recently, CFML has been used by only a small subset of web application developers. This is changing, and fast!

Recently, two new, Free and Open Source CFML engines have been made available. Both are fast, powerful, and production-ready, giving everyone the opportunity to take a fresh look at CFML as a development tool for building web applications. Additionally, one of the biggest new releases of ColdFusion will be coming from Adobe soon. ColdFusion 9 features integration with amazing open source projects like Apache Lucene/Solr and JBoss Hibernate.

In this presentation we will look at CFML as a high-quality, efficient programming environment. CFML brings a lot to the table. With CFML you can:

  • Build an entire web application application using either procedural or object-oriented programming methodologies
  • Create a front-end for a Java or Groovy application
  • Easily query any database that has a JDBC driver
  • Create and consume SOAP and RESTful Web Services quickly and easily
  • Build an efficient back-end for a Flex application in less time than with any other language

We will also look at the OpenCFML advisory committee's work in standardizing the language to ensure that it works consistently across engines and at choosing the right CFML engine for you.

Evangelizing CFML

As a community, I think we need to do more reaching out to other communities to let them know about CFML. Things have been getting A LOT better lately with spreading the word, but I just want to encourage all of you to look for opportunities like this to let people know that CFML is out there and is not dead. That it is not only a viable solution, but that it is awesome! Find a place to pitch CFML. One place specifically that would be a great start is at Java user groups. Since CFML compliments Java so perfectly, it seems like a no-brainer that Java developers would be interested. Another great place would be at barcamps or other small local conferences that focus on web development.

I will be releasing my slides and notes for this presentation under a Creative Commons license. I really want to encourage everyone to spread the word. When I do release the presentation please feel free to use it to pitch CFML wherever you feel it is appropriate. I will be happy to help you in anyway I can with the presentation, like answering questions that may not be covered in the notes.

Todd Rafferty's Gravatar I'm interested in this. I just found out there's a build guild and a podcamp in Pittsburgh area. I'll be focusing my efforts there in 2010.
# Posted By Todd Rafferty | 11/10/09 7:56 AM
cfGothChic's Gravatar philly is having a barcamp this weekend. i was thinking the 'one liners' presentation sam farmer gave at cfiinnc would be a great presentation for that group! unfortunately i found out about it too late to attend. :(
# Posted By cfGothChic | 11/10/09 8:09 AM
Matt Woodward's Gravatar This is great Jason--can't wait to hear how it goes!
# Posted By Matt Woodward | 11/10/09 2:31 PM
Tony Garcia's Gravatar Very cool! I just became a member of a web development (not CF specific) meetup group up where I live and I've been thinking it would be a good idea to give a talk like yours to them to dispel a lot of the myths about CFML. I'm looking forward to seeing your slides.
# Posted By Tony Garcia | 11/12/09 7:33 AM
Ryan Vikander's Gravatar If I didn't already have plans tonight I would have loved to see this presentation. :(
# Posted By Ryan Vikander | 11/12/09 9:33 AM
Bill Turner's Gravatar I enjoyed the presentation, Dean. Can you post a link to the CF view plug-in to Grails and/or tell me where I can get more info?

Also, I'd like access to the numbers you presented (numbers of developers, etc.).

# Posted By Bill Turner | 11/13/09 4:43 PM
Bill Turner's Gravatar Sorry, I meant Jason...
# Posted By Bill Turner | 11/13/09 4:45 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar @Bill - Thanks for the comment. The announcement of the CFML for Grails plugin proof of concept is here:

I will be posting my slides from the preso in the next couple of days after I get it cleaned up and converted to another format(not Keynote). If you need it sooner, email me using my contact for, or my email address if you have it and I will export a PDF for you.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 11/16/09 8:22 AM
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