My slides and notes from CFinNC

I had hoped to get these up sooner, but with travel snafus, work obligations, and sick children, time has slipped away.

Anyway, I am finally posting my notes and slides. I hope to be able to put up some narration for it in the near future. We'll see if that happens.

Anyway, here is the SlideSix embedded version.

And you can download the OpenOffice and Powerpoint versions using the download link at the bottom of this post. The notes are in the Presentation.

Please let me know if you have questions.

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Jason Dean's Gravatar Alot of the slides in the embedded preso are messed up because of the way I set up animations. Unfortunately, I just can't do anything about it right now. You should download the presentations from my download link if you want to see them as they were intended.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 10/22/09 12:22 PM
todd sharp's Gravatar Sorry 'bout that dude. I rarely see them this bad after the conversion. What version of PPT did you use for the original out of curiousity?
# Posted By todd sharp | 10/22/09 1:42 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar It's from OpenOffice 3.
# Posted By Jason Dean | 10/22/09 2:08 PM
todd sharp's Gravatar Ah right - I should have known that - that's why you're getting the missing images on some to figure out why that is.
# Posted By todd sharp | 10/22/09 2:34 PM
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