Things to Come

As you may, or may not, have noticed. I have been quiet lately. This sucks. So here is what I am planning to blog about over the next few weeks. I am making a commitment to myself to get back on track.

1. The ColdBox projects I am working on right now (3 of them). I am really enjoying ColdBox, but I am not sure what to write about. Is anyone interested in reading about the basics? The docs are great, but maybe some would like to read about how I am doing it? Anyone? I don't want to write about ColdBox Event Handlers or Layouts & Views if no one is going to read it

2. My generic Transfer decorator. I have, with the guidance of Mark Mandel and Bob Silverberg, created a Transfer decorator for use with business objects to help me validate and populate my beans while still managing my user input and error message feedback cleanly

3. Ajax Security, got some reading to do on this, but it's got to be done.

4. My journey into Flex. With so much else going on, I can't imagine making time for Flex, but I am going to bFlex/bFuson this weekend, and I am not going to let it go to waste.

5. Encryption. I have been putting this one off for some time.

6. An idea for an open source project about which I am too shy to discuss just yet. I will probably be e-mailing some of the gurus to see if it seems like a good idea, or a waste of time.

Thanks everyone for reading, I appreciate you taking the time to read about what I am working on. I hope to continue delivering content (quality or otherwise).

charlie griefer's Gravatar as someone who's journeying into coldbox, transfer, and flex, i say write away.

but regardless of that, i'd still say write away. even if nobody reads it... writing it will be part of your learning process. writing it will strengthen your knowledge of the subject. sure, it's great when other people read it and get something out of it... but you'll get something out of writing it as well.

and even if nobody reads it *now*, it's out there. it's out there for someone to find via google 6 months from now or a year from now when they're learning coldbox or transfer or flex or ... you get the point :)
# Posted By charlie griefer | 9/2/08 11:49 PM
brian's Gravatar Currently planning to use FB 5.5 on my latest job, but I was tempted to go with ColdBox, would love to see your thoughts on it.
# Posted By brian | 9/3/08 1:36 AM
mcaulay's Gravatar As someone with all the best intentions in the world to pick up coldbox, I'd definitely be interested in what you have learned about the basics etc. you are right, the docs for coldbox are good but like everything, a real world perspective often makes things easier...I say write away.
# Posted By mcaulay | 9/3/08 4:41 AM
Chris's Gravatar I would love to hear about Coldbox. Maybe a short tutorial? There aren't many out there.

I am just now getting into transfer and flex and I would love to read about it.

I agree with Charlie, if you write it, they will come.
# Posted By Chris | 9/3/08 5:50 AM
Jason Dean's Gravatar @All - Thanks for the comments. It's nice to get such great responses.

@Charlie - Thanks. I know you're right. Thanks for the reminder. Too often i base the success of a post by how many hits or comments it gets. I forget about what I get out of it.

@brian @mcaulay & @chris. it's good to know there is some interest
# Posted By Jason Dean | 9/3/08 10:18 AM
Bash's Gravatar WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! ;^)
As a Coldbox newb I would love to see tutorials on efficient use of hanlders, tying Colodbox, Coldsrping and Transfer together, practical plugin creation and use, etc. The documentation is very deep, but when you are still coming to grips with OOP trying to follow some of the instructions can be frustrating.
# Posted By Bash | 9/3/08 10:53 AM
Steve Withington's Gravatar @Jason,
I'm right there with you on your journey into Flex. Looking forward to meeting you at the BFusion/BFlex this weekend!
# Posted By Steve Withington | 9/3/08 12:27 PM
Eric's Gravatar yes yes yes to coldbox
# Posted By Eric | 9/3/08 12:44 PM
Pepe's Gravatar me me me!!! go ahead! tell us about how you are doing things in coldBox, i would love it.
documentation in coldBox is great, maybe huge... reading it i feel like I m reading the whole bible some times.
# Posted By Pepe | 9/4/08 1:56 AM
James's Gravatar Encryption and AJAX security! Thank you!
# Posted By James | 9/4/08 8:52 AM
Jason Dean's Gravatar Well, I am glad to see there is such interest in some basic ColdBox stuff. I will definitely get off my ass and do some of it then in the near future. I hope to have something ready late this week or early next to get it started.

To anyone subscribed to this comment feed, how are you with OO concepts? Do I need to explain OO concepts as I discuss them, or are links to descriptions good enough? For example, if i start talking about Beans, DAOs and Gateways, do I need to describe what they are? Or will a link to another blog or article suffice?
# Posted By Jason Dean | 9/9/08 8:58 AM
pepe's Gravatar yeah! move your ass out of the couch and make some good ColdBox tutorial for beginers.
For myself, i m ok with beans daos and gateways.... but wait for other comments.
thanks for your initiative... i m really looking forward.
# Posted By pepe | 9/9/08 1:28 PM
Chris's Gravatar I think the more the better. I would love to see it all, but I know time is hard to come by.
# Posted By Chris | 9/9/08 7:07 PM
mcaulay's Gravatar i kinda know about OO concepts but then google is my friend if I need to know more. I like the suggestion you made about having links to descriptions, that would be handy. Sorry for the length of time it took me to reply, i was swanning about on holiday!
# Posted By mcaulay | 9/15/08 4:10 AM
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