Free Video, Audio, and Documents on Learning Object-Oriented Concepts and UML from GentleWare

The makers of Poseidon for UML have created a series of PDFs, Video Files, and Audio files on "Object-Orient Modeling Techniques and UML".

The Course covers:

  • Overview of UML and Poseidon
  • Structural Elements(Object/Classes/Instances)
  • Behaviour(operations/messaging)
  • Inheritance
  • Association, Aggregation and Composition
  • Packages
  • Best Practice

I just finished watching all of the videos. I feel like I got a lot out of it. I am going to go back and print out the PDFs for some bed-time reading. I've started using Poseidon to model a new app, and so far so good. I am still using the evaluation version, but the Community and Standard editions both seem reasonably priced.

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