Deadlines, Vacations, and Kids

So I have been quiet the last week or so. I'm not happy about it, but things happens. I wish I did not need excuses, but I will offer them, if only to assure myself that this is a temporary situation and that I will begin blogging again soon.

Right now I am working under deadline for a medium-sized side project that needs to be done before Comic-Con starts this week. It is also my first medium-sized ColdBox/ ColdSpring/ Transfer project, so there is a lot of learning and do-overs associated with the project. It is taking a lot longer than I had originally hoped. I am hoping I can get some good blog material out of it.

My wife has not been feeling well then last couple of weeks, so I have been given the gift of spending every evening (all evening) with my kids. And while I enjoy this, it eats into time for projects and blogging.

My wife is feeling better now. Which is great, because later this week we start vacation. This will be our first vacation since our Honeymoon (FYI our 8 year anniversary is tomorrow). It will be a short vacation. Just 5 days, but we are leaving the kids with G-ma and G-pa and renting a cabin on Lake Superior.

I am so looking forward to the quiet.

So, that said. I have had a lot keeping me busy these last few weeks. I have been trying to make time to blog, but I have only been able to get out a few entries. But when I get back, side-projects will slow down, and I foresee much more time for the blog.

I am going to start slowing down on the security topics, as I am getting beyond my realm of existing knowledge. I will still be posting on security, but it will need to be accompanied with a lot more research, so those posts will be more sparse.

I will be blogging more about my experiences with learning OO development. I have been a little apprehensive about posting on OO because I am afraid that I am doing it all wrong. But after a few conversations in #coldfusion, and some reading, and some help from other bloggers, I am feeling better about it.

I have also been diving into jQuery and hope to have some posts about that.

I will be back from vacation on the 30th, so look for new entries shortly thereafter.

Thanks for reading. I really hope people are getting value out of this blog.

Steve Withington's Gravatar @Jason,
First of all, Happy Anniversary! Family before ColdFusion ... or wait, C comes before F, right? Just kidding.

Also, I enjoy reading your blog. Keep the entries coming when you have time. Don't worry about whether or not you're doing it right or wrong ... heck, I remember way back to when thought I could just add CFQUERY where ever I darn-well pleased. Then I stumbles across those awesome CFC thing-a-ma-bobs ... and then I head about frameworks, and then I heard about ... well, you know what I mean.
# Posted By Steve Withington | 7/21/08 9:57 AM
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