Mach-II is pretty cool

Well, I have been studying Mach-II for a few months now hoping and hoping that something would finally trgger within me and that I would have the great epiphany that would allow me to begin using Mach-II.

You'll never believe this. But it didn't happen. No matter how much I read, it just got more and more complicated. At first Mach-II seemed pretty simple. A model-view-controller for ColdFusion. Keep your code clean and modular Sounds great! Where do I sign up.

I downloaded articles and quick start guides. code samples and test application. Then I started getting WAY MORE than I signed up for. I started getting beat about the head and shoulders with ColdSpring, Dependency-Injection, cfc "wiring", scaffolding, and OH THE DESIGN PATTERNS! Fly at me from every angle. I was being struck by facades, proxies, singletons, and interpreters. It was a bloody, scary mess.

Finally, it occurred to me to give in and realize it was not a battle. I was not being attacked by there new technologies and methodologies. Design Patterns don't want to hurt me (Except for Observer, he was watching me with his girl).

So, I finally accepted that I will never know enough to comfortably write my first Mach-II application. So I am going to do it uncomfortably.  I will try to track my program for this blog. I have several other jobs I am working on as well.

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