New IRC Channel - #ColdBox

I took the liberty of registering a new channel on the DALnet IRC network, called #ColdBox.

What is IRC?

For those that do not know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and a "channel" is a chat room on an IRC network.

This IRC channel is not "official", but it is a place that I would like to encourage people to come to chat about the ColdBox framework. It is on the same IRC network as #ColdFusion, #coldspring, #modelglue, #machii, #fusebox, #transfer and no doubt others.

How do I get onto IRC?

The easiest way to get onto IRC (on DALnet) is to go to the DALnet website and use their web client.

Go to and in the "Chat Now" box on the side, you can enter a Nickname and click "Go".

That will connect you and drop you into a DALnet channel. In there, type into the chat window: /join #ColdBox, and hit enter.

I hope to see some of you there.

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