Hey New Developers, come to the next Twin Cities CFUG meeting!!

I am really excited about the next Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group meeting. Next Wednesday (Nov. 5th 2008), we are going to try something new at our meeting.

So the normal session that night will be Kurt Wiersma talking about BlazeDS and ColdFusion. It should be AWESOME, and I am really sorry that I am going to miss it, but I am going to be doing something equally awesome. My goal for the night is to welcome new CFML(ColdFusion) developers into the CFUG.

Let me tell you a little story

When I was a wee lad of about 31, I was misguided and mixed-up. I thought Visual Basic was IT. I read about VB, I watched videos about VB, I wanted to be a VB programmer. I started building my first VB application (a calculator) and I was really struggling with it. I started looking around for resources. One of the resources I found was a VB users group.

I wish I could tell you that I went and got all of my questions answered. But I cannot. I didn't go. I didn't even consider going. Because user groups are for experts. Right?

Like I said, I was mixed-up. I thought user groups were a place where hardcore developers went to bounce ideas off each other and talk about really high level stuff. I knew that if I went, that it would all be over my head. It turns out I was mostly wrong.

Eventually, I did go to the user group meeting, after a college professor suggested it. It turns out that there were really hardcore developers there who were bouncing ideas off of each other and having discussions about really high-level stuff. But there were also n00bs, like me, who had the same questions I did. I got a lot out of the meeting. The experienced developers happily answered my questions and helped me better understand what I was doing.

So I really want to encourage new CFML developers to come to the meeting. Bring your questions, bring your code, and let's have a great time geeking out. Don't be shy. This is your night. If it goes well and the response is good, I have no doubt we will do it again. If no one shows and I spend the evening listening to Kurt's muffled voice through the dividing wall while I play Klondike 1 on my iPhone, I'm gonna cry myself to sleep. Don't do that to me.

Also, if you are a developer in another language, stop on in and ask questions if you like. I, or someone, will try to answer them.


Don't forget to go to the CFUG Website to RSVP so that they order enough pizza.

Date: Wednesday, November 5

Time: 6:00 social time and 6:30 start.

Location: Easel Training 23 Empire Drive St. Paul, MN 55103 (651) 602-3153

Topics: Room 1) Kurt Wiersma - BlazeDS
Have you ever wondered what BlazeDS is and what it can do? If so this session is for you. We will cover how you can install BlazeDS inside of CF and how CF can communicate with BlazeDS to make Flex applications get real time messages from ColdFusion.

Room 2) Jason Dean - New Developer Breakout Session
We will be hosting a "New Developer Breakout Session" at the next Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group meeting. This break out session will be an informal meeting for new developers and for developers who are new to CFML.

ike's Gravatar I love this blog entry! :) Let us know how the 2-room format works out.
# Posted By ike | 10/28/08 9:05 PM
ike's Gravatar Oddly that's on my birthday. heh... Unfortunately I won't be able to attend as the price of air-fare is beyond my means. :P
# Posted By ike | 10/28/08 9:06 PM
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